04 November 2008


Luck is a funny thing. I'd been desperate to get my [Sinister Squashling] for the Hallow's End Sinister Calling achievement. Despite many runs on the Headless Horseman (and winning the roll on his mount), I didn't get the drop. I trick-or-treated as often as possible, including interrupting myself every hour when I was at home to drop in on the innkeeper. So no dice.

Saturday night, I had already been offline for a few hours when I decided to have one last trick-or-treat before going to bed. And so it was that with my last gasp, at 1:00AM, I was able to get my squashling. Now that's luck!

The other pet I want is Magical Crawdad Box. Last week I got only my second Mr. Pinchy ever. I think that's a bit unlucky, given how many Furious Crawdads I've fished up. My first two wishes got me the blessing and the gift box. So yesterday — after fishing in Deadwind Pass for some Lightning Eels and Skullfish, I popped the third wish.

Boy, was he mad.

He de-aggroed after a few minutes, so I left him there, hopefully as a confusing moment for a few Kara visitors. So that's 2 Mr. Pinchys — 6 wishes — without the pet. Back to fishing for the crawdads, I guess.

Last night got me into a Zul'Aman raid. It was interesting, and I'll post on it later.

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