31 October 2008

Headless Horseman and Magtheridon

Happy halloween everyone! We've been running a lot of Headless Horseman of course. It paid off for me, as I won a roll when the mount dropped. Sweet! But I still want to get a squashling; it's the only thing preventing me from getting the Hallow's Eve achievement.

I also had my second Mr. Pinchy drop. Cool! I've used one wish and got the blessing; here's hoping for the remaining wishes to get me the pet.

But I've been doing some more-meaty stuff, too. I joined a PUG into Magtheridon's Lair yesterday — another first for me. These 25-man PUGs are starting to feel familiar. First, it takes forever to get organized. Then, the big fights usually take a couple tries to get right. And then there's chaos at the end.

This wasn't an exception. We had a wipe on the trash, because someone didn't realize they were sitting in a bad spot and pulled both a patrol and another group. Then we wiped again on Mags, when we had poor coordination on our cube-clicking. The second attempt actually started with a messed-up pull, but we fought past it and got the big guy down with no deaths.

Here's the healing meter information. To be honest, I'm shocked that I did as well as I did, given that I was learning the fight. Fortunately that's easier for healers than anyone else. But there were chunks of time when I was just waiting and looking for damage — probably not being entirely useful. The splash damage was dominant of course, so it's no surprised that the Shaman led the meters. But Wild Growth did a decent job at helping too.

Name       Class    +SP   Tot H    HPS    % of Tot
Sophiablue shaman 1101 922061 1449.6 23.2%
Om druid 1131 848356 1222.6 21.3
Alamein druid 932 781601 1082.5 19.7
Diemaggots paladin ? 560411 753.8 14.1
Ironjaw paladin 1078 371442 767.1 9.3
I don't have good data for Diemaggots. The Armory shows him in Ret spec and gear, and I'm not sure how he healed last night — whether he respecced, put on Holy gear, or both. Otherwise though I was pretty happy with where I came out, given the gear levels.

Here's a look at how my spells worked out. I used a lot of Wild Growth for raid healing, and it worked pretty well. I should have pulled similar stats for Om but forgot; I know he used even more WG than I did (it may have even topped Lifebloom for him if I recall correctly).
Spell       #   Tot H   % of Tot
Lifebloom 645 369050 47.2%
Wild Grow 514 176002 22.5
Rejuv 95 97188 12.4
Regrowth 70 87717 11.2
Swiftmend 5 23496 3.0
Healing T 3 16969 2.2
Living Se 6 6843 0.9
Glyph Rej 9 4336 0.6
It's nice to see Living Seed work a few more times. The healing is still not huge, but by definition it works when it's most needed. The Glyph of Rejuvenation is in the same category.

I also saw a bit more use for Replenish. The Pally tank I was healing got something like 4000 mana out of it, which seems better than before. I wonder, was it hotfixed? I hadn't seen anything. Maybe it's just a case of keeping Rejuv up more.

I'm hoping for more interesting runs like this in the next couple weeks. I'll post back!

Edit: I forgot to add a crucial story about the raid: the loot rolls were totally f'd up. People failed to pay attention and ended up rolling on items they didn't need. Then, the loot master failed to verify who the loot was going to. The T4 Chest token for Druid, Warriors or Priests ended up with a Mage. And the Eye trinket went to a healer who can't really use it.

Fortunately I got lucky and won the [Pit Lord's Satchel] with a 98 roll. I've been extremely lucky with loot rolls on these PUGs. Who knows if it will last...

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