27 September 2008

Been Busy

Sorry for not posting for a couple days; I've been AFK for a little bit, at least to post. But I've been in game along the way. Just a few pretty pictures:

Visiting Coren

We've been making a nightly run to take on Coren Direbrew. We now have all the trinkets we could possibly want, but still no mounts...

Underbog Run

We ran Heroic UB last night, using our "A Team" makeup -- Cargarios tanking and Alamein healing. It went quite well, and I dinged Exalted with Cenarion Expedition at the end of the night. Sweet! I'm also up to 95 BoJ, so one more run and I should be at my goal. Very happy about that.

I've been healing in a Restokin spec for the past few days, which has been fun and interesting. I'll comment on that next week. Until then, have a good weekend!

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