11 March 2009

First Lifebloom thoughts: thanks Keeva!

Only time for a quick post today — my apologies!

I've been giving a lot of thought to Lifebloom and the potential changes. I haven't come to any conclusions yet, though I'm closing in on them. However I wanted to quickly call your attention to a great Lifebloom thoughts post at Tree Bark Jacket. She's thinking in the same direction as me.

In a nutshell, I'm fairly confident that I'll still be rolling LB on at least one tank. I'm not sure about two, and three is probably out except for special circumstances. But I think that has the potential to make healing assignments easier.

Today (in 3.0.9) a significant Druid role is to roll HoTs on multiple tanks.* In 3.1 I can imagine that we'll focus more on single-tank healing. We'll limit ourselves to a single Lifebloom stack, but our newly-buffed Nourish will be used regularly to fill the gaps that our HoTs leave behind. Plus, if we're focused on one tank, we can reliably decide to let LB bloom when it's useful. And we should have the same capacity for raid heals as we've had before; potentially more, if you're able to effectively use Lifebloom for raid heals.

The only mild disagreement I have with Keeva is her description of our role as support healers. I know what she's trying to say, and there's truth to it. But I disagree with the implication that other healers are primary and that we're there to help them out. You could just as easily say that our HoTs, for tank healing, are the foundation. They certainly do a big chunk of the effective healing! Another healer working on the same tank is more likely to support us than the other way around.

That's just a quibble however, and I very much support what Keeva says overall. Thanks for a great post!

*There's lots of ways for Druids to heal, and I know many don't use Lifebloom much even today. More so than most specs, Druid healers have multiple viable approaches to healing. But I think multiple LB stacks is still one of the most common techniques.

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