12 February 2009

Breaking News: Details on Dual Specs

Blizzard just released a Q&A Session on Dual Specs. If you're not familiar, this is the long hoped-for capability to have and switch between two talent specs. This is currently in development for the 3.1 patch, and the Q&A between Nethara and Ghostcrawler reveals the details as they exist today.

First, keep in mind that this is all under development, and could change along the way. My biggest fear is that some problem shows up that keeps it out of 3.1. Hopefully unlikely, but definitely possible. The details can change too with testing. I'd say that it's unlikely there will be wholesale changes from this setup, but that there will probably be some changes.

Key details from the Q&A:

  • You'll be able to have two specs: your current active one and a "saved" spec. You can toggle between the two. (Old news.)
  • Switching between specs will also change your glyphs and action bars. (Old news.) I get tired of pulling Typhoon, Starfall, and Insect Swarm back onto my bars when I respec for Balance, and this will eliminate that.
  • We'll also get some kind of gear manager that makes it easy to switch gear sets. This won't be tied to spec switches but instead complements it. (New news.) Probably eliminates one of my addons - cool!
  • Switching specs will happen in cities (old news) at the Lexicon of Power (new news). There will also be an Inscription ability that allows Inscribers to summon a Lexicon of Power, much like a Warlock can now create a summoning stone. (New news.) So, you'll be able to switch specs if you're in a city, or if you're in a group/raid with an inscriber.
  • We'll also get a better respec system, so that we can play with specs (much like you can on web sites today) and then 'commit' them when we like what we've got. (New news.) This makes mistakes a lot less likely, and probably eliminates another of my addons.
  • The feature will only be available to level 80 characters. (New news.)
  • Some hunter details that I won't analyze. (Mostly old news.)
This will inspire me to make my first ventures into the PTR, and I'll report back what I find. But in the meantime, my first impressions are: DROOL!

PS. Anyone who calls it "Duel Specs" is immediately banished to Goldshire.

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